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Texas has a reputation of being “larger than life”, a tagline they usually live by. In terms of people, it ranks second to California; in terms of land mass, it is second only to Alaska. The word “Texas” was derived from the Hasinaian word táysha (or tejas) which meant friend or ally.

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Those who want to relocate to Texas will be glad to know that the Texas government is indeed their friend and ally. Although Federal laws already prohibit home sellers from discriminating against their buyers due to race, color, religion, sex (or sexual orientation), or even physical disabilities, Texan laws landlords nor sellers cannot discriminate even against couples who have very young children. Sellers can only turn down buyers such as those only if the edifice is built specifically for the elderly.

Texas has several programs that aim to aid people who want to buy homes. Home ownership is possible irregardless of one’s income level. It does however, involve a lot of paperwork and the process of transferring ownership may take some time.

Although seller disclosure is required by federal law, in Texas, the seller must deliver the disclosure notice on or before the stipulated contract date the buyer intends to purchase a property. The disclosure document must identify the current state of the edifice. Material defects, structural problems, technical difficulties (mechanical, plumbing or electrical systems) must be itemized. The seller is not required to repair all the identified defects, but the buyer may be able to request for a discount because of these. To further protect the consumer, a buyer may cancel his contract within a specified time frame if the disclosure notice is given after the contract to purchase form has been accomplished. Related Links: Selling a Home in Texas

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