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South Carolina Real Estate Contract & Forms for Selling Your Home

South Carolina got its name from King Charles I of England because the name Charles is actually Carolus in Latin. The state is located in the southeastern region of the United States and was one of the 13 colonies that broke away from the British rule during the American Revolution. Its population stands at more than 4.3 million as of 2005.

South Carolina boasts of its natural beauty and rich history the reason why many people continue to move to this so-called “Palmetto state.” Its humid subtropical climate with long and hot summer as well as short and mild winter makes it a great place to live in. Both living and housing costs there are below the national average. The housing market in South Carolina is varied with a favorable number of new homes. As of 2000, the home ownership was 72.2 percent which is above the national average.

Real estate forms

Homeowners in South Carolina can take advantage of the favorable housing market in the state. No need to feel apprehensive when selling a home on your own so long as you consult the proper authorities like your real estate lawyer and financial advisor to learn about the entire process. One vital part is to know the legal forms involved.

As the seller, you will initially receive a purchase offer or agreement from an interested buyer that details the purchase price, loan and inspection contingencies and expense list. If you accept it, you will then be required to provide your buyer with a property disclosure statement. This form should specify, among others, the age and condition of the home being sold, the repairs earlier made as well as the existing defects. Another disclosure called for by law is on the possible use of lead-based paint especially for homes built before 1978. The form should be accompanied by an EPA pamphlet that provides information on lead paint and its hazards.

Other forms needed, although not limited to, include the escrow agreement, net sheet, closing checklist, attorney closing sheet and release of contract. The escrow agreement is a contractual agreement for a third party to keep the initial deposit or earnest money required by contract. The escrow agent can either be the seller’s attorney or the buyer’s agent.

Selling tips

After gathering information on the legal forms, it’s time to prepare your home for showing and marketing. Clean and clutter-free are two important keywords you should always remember because they’re what buyers look for in a home they want to live in.

Thoroughly clean all parts of your house inside and out, from the frontyard to the attic. Cleaning also means taking away the clutter and organizing appliances and accessories to make provide a more spacious look in your home. It is also about repainting certain parts if needed and fixing defective portions. Of course, a clean home is one that smells good so make sure that you find ways to do this as well.

All these steps are part of staging your home for sale to attract as many buyers as possible.

From there, the next step is to market your home. Try as many ways as you can like using websites that offer free listing, making your own webpage for this purpose, printing leaflets and sending email to real estate firms and spreading the word to friends, relatives and office colleagues.

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