Rental Application

Rental Application is a form used by landlords, lessees and property managers to gather information about prospective tenants. In other words, this form is a tool to screen potential tenants for their desirability. The objective is to be able to select tenants who are capable of paying rent, who can keep the property in good condition and are likely not to cause any problems. For some landlords, documenting or filing these forms will protect them from accusations of discrimination from tenants who are rejected.

A Rental Application form will ask the tenant information that is listed below:

  • The applicant’s full, legal name for the landlord to be able to do back checks.
  • The social security number of the applicant is very essential. This will help avoid confusion especially when your applicant’s name is common.
  • Names of other tenants living with applicant i.e. family members, roommates. The applicant must also indicate his/her relationship with these co-occupants.
  • The applicant’s rental or residence history. He must include the correct address and contact information of landlords of previous residences. The applicant can also be asked for the reason why he/she left the previous residence, whether evicted or not.
  • Information on current employment as well as past employment can also be requested through this form. Wage and tenure of employment can determine if the applicant can afford rental payment requirements and if he is capable of holding a steady job.
  • Current vehicles for provision of parking spaces in the property.
  • References and emergency contacts.

Using a residential application is a practical means to help a landlord decide which tenant is best to rent his property.

State Specific Real Estate Forms

State Specific Real Estate Forms