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“Robert Allen’s Money Power System for Making your Real Estate Fortune”

Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income
(491 Page PDF eBook)

You get your own copy of this exclusive Real Estate course! Profit from the “perfect” investment. I’ve made millions doing this – Now you get the secrets of making RISK-FREE offers, finding “cash cows”, and how to use “ultimate leverage”… Even includes copies of forms for you to use.

“Nothing Down Real Estate Techniques”

(63 Page PDF eBook)

50 NOTHING DOWN Techniques; How to Make the Banks Work for YOU; The Fundamentals of Leveraging Capital; How a Partners Money can Make YOU Money; Creative Financing Options that Work

“The Road to Wealth”

How to create Lifetime Streams of Cash Flow
(216 Page PDF eBook)

In this book I personally outline my secret money making strategies that my students and I are using to build massive amounts of wealth today!

“7 Strategies for Making a Fortune Online”

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How to Get More Visitors to your Site Now; Learn the Secrets to Writing Great Emails; Become an Expert on Giving Your Website Visitors Instant Gratification; Learn the Secrets of How the BIG WEB SITES Keep People Coming Back

“Zero to $1,000,000 on $49 a Month”

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The 3 Things You Must Do; What the Big Secret Is; How to Use All of Your Power; The Fundamentals of Finance; Where Do I Get the Money to start; How to Make Your Plan and Then Work It

“How to Make $24,000 in 24 Hrs. on the Internet”

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EXACTLY how I made $95,532.44 in 24 hours; How to Develop a Target Audience; How to Find Out what Your Audience Wants to Buy; How to Motivate Your Target Audience to ACT NOW; Getting Started—Your Action Plan; How to Find the Hungriest Fish in the Lake; How to Discover the Kind of Bait Your Fish will Bite On

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Ron LeGrand bonus Investment Series

This ebook has been written by the “GURU” Ron LeGrand who, at the time of this book had bought and sold over 1500 houses! Powerful techniques are explained like buying “ugly” houses, pretty houses, flipping, no money deals, and much more! All with money in your pocket at closing!

This is Ron LeGrand’s new ebook sharing his secrets of how to make the big profits in Real Estate Investing. He has helped many people become Millionaires all over the world by teaching these same techniques. Here is your opportunity to gain from the guru of gurus.

Table of Contents

  • Nine steps to improve your closing ratio
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • The power within
  • Selling houses Fast Part 1
  • Selling houses Fast Part 2
  • It takes money to make money
  • When to look a gift horse in the mouth
  • Flipping is illegal
  • Magic words that make a million

Plus Seven Bonus Wealth Building eBooks by Robert Allen and Others

  • “7 Secrets of Extremely Prosperous People”
  • “Get Rich In Your Niche”
  • “Your Millionaire Coach”
  • “Information Millionaire”
  • “Make $72,506 Without A Product”
  • “Money Tree Formula”
  • “Real Estate Toolkit”

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