Selling a House: The Basics

The decision to sell your house is not an easy one to make. After all, you’re not just letting go of a piece of land with a little structural edifice on it, you’re leaving a place which is close to your heart, a place which you have personally maintained, a place where dreams were born and goals were achieved, a place full of memories that make you warm and fuzzy … a place you and your family have always called home.

The process of turning over your home to its new owners can be made less heartbreakingly difficult and tedious. Though some homeowners opt to handle everything (from placing an advertisement to turning over of the home) by themselves, you can make your life easier if you use a real estate agent.

You can delegate some of the responsibility to these professionals and be secure in knowing that they will work with your best interests in mind. The agents are there to make the transaction easier. They will facilitate placing the advertisements and may also assist in pre-screening the potential buyers. The selection of the new owners would be yours to make, though if you reach a deadlock, they can also give you advise on whom to choose. Once you’ve made your decision, the agents will prepare all the necessary paperwork to legalize the transfer.

Incidentally, you may use the services of an agent for other purposes as well. Aside from helping you find the right owners of your home, they would be glad to help you find a new place to call your own.

State Specific Real Estate Forms