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Florida Real Estate Form

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The sun kissed state of Florida lies on a large peninsula on the southern part of the United States. The name “Florida”, which means “flowery” in Spanish, is home to over 17,000,000 men from different races, thus making it one of the most culturally diverse areas in America

Many people relocate to Florida yearly and there are many reasons behind this choice. Some people move to Florida because of the warm weather, some are attracted to the activities, still others move to Florida when they retire. Another possible reason why people choose Florida over any other state is due to the real-estate laws (both for buyers and sellers) that are being imposed.

For sellers, it is easier to sell real estate in Florida than in other States because it has no state income tax, such as those required in North Carolina or Georgia. Despite having a law that requires the seller to fill up a disclosure form, conducting standardized tests such as mold tests, or environmental tests are not yet required by the state of Florida. Since these are not yet recognized in Florida, buyers can secure the services of professionals; but home sellers have the right to refuse these personnel from conducting tests within their homes. Sellers who allow testing to be done on their property, however, are required by law to disclose the results of these experiments to other buyers.

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Sellers from all across America are required to present a Warranty Deed, a form that guarantees that the seller owns a clean title that can be transferred to another. Although some real estate forms on selling properties may be used in all states, the warranty deed is not one of these. Warranty deeds are specially formatted based on the specific legal requirements of each state.

Aside from the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement, the other real estate forms in California, such as the Quick Claim Deed, Offer and Acceptance Agreement are the same as other states. For more information, you may consult your lawyer.

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