California Real Estate Forms

California Real Estate Form

California, also know as “The Golden State”, is one of the most culturally diverse and more populous states in the United States of America. Despite being located just over the San Andreas Fault, many people still flock to California because of its idyllic climate and picturesque landscape.

Due to the continuous influx of people in California, it comes to no surprise that their real estate industry has remained strong and booming. Migrants are always on the look out for homes that are for sale, and residents are well equipped to address these needs.

When selling a piece of real estate, sellers are required by law to disclose all the pertinent information about their property. Though all states require this of home sellers, no other state is more stringent than the State of California.

Selling a piece of real estate in California is not as easy as putting a “FOR SALE” sign out on your lawn, and filling out the appropriate sales and purchase agreement contract forms. Sales contracts in the state of California are very specific. In California, real estate sellers are required, by Federal and State law, to disclose the actual condition of the unit that is for sale. Through the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement, sellers are obliged to disclose matters ranging from structural defects such as a leaky roof, to little nuisances, such as a noisy neighborhood dog, even deaths that occurred within the property within the past three years. In addition to this, sellers must also inform the buyers of the location of registered sex offenders and fill out the Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement, to divulge the probability of encountering natural and environmental hazards in the community.

Aside from the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement, the other real estate forms in California, such as the Quit Claim Deed, Offer and Acceptance Agreement are the same as other states.

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