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Monday, August 11, 2008

Online Advertising – The Newest Way To Market Your Home

Selling a home requires advertising it in as many ways as possible to reach a wide audience. If you fall in the FSBO (for sale by owner) category, you need to exert extra effort to market your home in various advertising media. One of the best options available today is advertising on the internet because of its numerous advantages over the traditional method.

The advantages

Global reach is a major advantage of online advertising compared to newspaper, radio and TV ads that cater only to a certain area. With this newest form of advertising, information and content can be transmitted to millions of people regardless of time and geographical location. This means that you can attract people looking for a new home or a second home even from countries outside of your own. So don’t be surprised if you’ll get a potential buyer for your home located in the U.S. from, say, Europe or Asia.

While its reach can be global, online advertising is also targeted. In other words, it has the ability to reach your specific target audience. Examples of programs that help achieve this goal are Google’s AdWords and AdSense which match up advertisers with content that their target market reads on a regular basis.

Internet advertising is also Cost effective. Compared to a small yellow-page ad, for instance, that can cost you hundreds of dollars, you can advertise your home for sale online with only a small fee. You can even market it free of charge on some MLS sites that don’t require any listing fee. All you need is a little research and you will surely find a good MLS site on which to list up your home.

Types of online ads

Online advertising has different variations. These include using search engine results pages, banner ads, social network advertising, e-mail and affiliate marketing and advertising networks. For paid ads, they can be of various types such as floating, expanding, polite, wallpaper, trick banner, pop-up, pop-under, video, map or mobile ad. Most of these forms of advertising, though, require payment of certain fees.

E-mail marketing is also another option available for home sellers as it does not entail any expenses. You just need to find time to e-mail friends, colleagues and real estate companies and agents you know about the home you are selling. This is quite easy because you can already send a single letter to several people in one click of your mouse.

Helpful tips

The National Association of Realtors reveals that 24 percent of new home buyers get information about new homes for sale from the internet. This only means that people looking for homes now use the internet more than using the newspaper classified ads. The convenience and quick search results provided by the internet may be attributed to this.

When opting for this advertising form, be sure to provide the necessary details about your home for sale such as the location, number of bedrooms and your contact number. If necessary, include a photo of the property to perk up the interest of potential buyers and entice them to look deeper into your offer. A virtual tour of your home is another popular way of attracting buyers. Remember to be creative and direct to the point when advertising your home online.

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