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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How To Write A Newspaper Ad For Selling Your Home

By Gloria Smith

Selling a home entails a lot of paper work from coming up with counter proposals, sales agreement to home warranties, appraisals and not to forget, print advertisements. Advertising your home is one of the most effective ways of attracting potential buyers and doing it the traditional way is still a tested and proven option. This means placing advertisements in local newspapers in your area.

Home sellers need to advertise their home to as many targeted home buyers as possible and the newspaper is a popular medium for doing this. Despite the entry of electronic media, it’s still a preferred place to advertise a home for sale. In fact, even non-subscribers will normally get a copy of the Sunday newspaper to read through the classified ads.

In writing advertising copy for newspapers, there are some guidelines you can follow to succeed in attracting your target audience. Your newspaper ad has to be the hard-sell type meaning, straightforward and concise. Depending on your budget, you can either place a short ad or a longer one complete with a photograph of the home you are selling.
The headline itself should already grab attention. Determine the most important and attractive aspect of the home and describe them in short and catchy words. Some examples would be charming and spacious home, upscale urban condominium, beautiful secret garden and secluded hideaway. An example of a specific headline would be “Charming home beside a lake with pristine forest.”

The copy or text of your print advertisement has to be attractive, of course. It should easily catch the attention of the reader and entice him or her to take action. Keep your copy short and direct to the point but never make the mistake of abbreviating words or using too many details in just three lines in order to save money.

In describing the home for sale, avoid too many specific facts especially numbers such as those pertaining to the house area or lot area. Instead, use general terms to relay the same message such as a large house or spacious living room.
Use descriptive adjectives to enable readers and potential buyers to picture out the home they could be living in. Describe the home’s qualities such as its architectural design, layout and flow, special amenities and upgrades done, entertainment options and nearby attractions.

Remember to specify also the exact location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the sales price and your contact information. Putting the price information on top of the ad is also a good way of attracting serious buyers. You can then mention if your price is negotiable or if financing is available. Some people forget these important details and as a result, just let a good opportunity pass up.

Advertising in a magazine has some drawbacks compared to newspaper ads. This option is not likely to produce an immediate buyer and may actually take your home several months before it gets results. Also, few people read their magazines again. Magazine advertising is ideal if you have a small target audience.

Your best option then is to combine newspaper classified ad with online advertising to reach as many buyers as possible. Keep in mind that your goal is to heighten people’s interest in your home and make them look deeper into your offer.

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