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The large desert state of Arizona is located in the western part of the United States of America. Despite being known for its hot summers and mild winters, countless people relocate to the land which is home to national forests, parks, monuments, Indian reservations, and the majestic Grand Canyon.

Those wishing to transact real estate business in the state of Arizona, be it buying or selling, will find Arizona laws slightly more lenient than those of other States. They, unlike the states of California, Hawaii and Texas, do not require the use of state-specific Real Estate Forms such as the real estate sales and purchase agreement contract forms. Standard forms are accepted.

Federal laws require sellers, be they real estate agents or home sellers, to fill up a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS), a form wherein the true condition of the home that is on sale is presented to the buyer. Arizona is not exempt from this law. What makes Arizona different from other states is that for homes built before the year 1978, sellers are obliged to give the buyer information on the lead content of the house’s paint. This is done by accomplishing a lead-based disclosure form.

In some states, a seller is required by law to disclose the presence of sex offenders in the vicinity or community, and to inform buyers if the home was ever witness to a crime or death. This is not the case in Arizona as these sordid details may be left out of the SPDS. Information on these, however, can be obtained from various websites or by liaising with local law enforcement agencies.

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